Move More. Fear Less.

Enabling gender diverse people to love themselves and truly identify with their bodies through natural physical training, nutrition and mindset coaching.

Are You Gender Diverse and Unsatisfied With The Way Your Body Looks?

Fearless Movement Collective gives you the natural tools to
physically change the way your body looks, feels, and performs
(no surgeries or hormones required, although we do fully support them if desired).

Have You Ever Felt Trapped In Your Body? 

Or feel overwhelmed when it comes to starting to socially or physically transition?”

You know what I’m talking about.

You know you’re gender diverse, you know you have to do something to be happy, you know the body that you want to have…

You have the vision of your ideal body and you wish you had it now

You’ve only dreamt about the person you want to be and the life you want to live

You long for the day people stop misgendering you and being treated as lesser. 

Yes, you’ve been told “by the people who know about you more than you do” that if you want to have the body you want,

…you can start taking HRT which can mess with your body and isn’t fully researched on the long-term health risks,

…then pay thousands of dollars to get whatever surgery, spend months in recovery,

…and you still don’t know whether you will feel good or love your body at the end of it!!!

And yet,

things like that SHOULD be SO simple,

…like having a body that you LOVE, it can feel like it is SOOOO far away.

With each passing day you feel like time is running out where you can actually live happily and in peace with who you are.

On top of that, money is an issue, time seems to fly by, nobody seems to care.

And THIS is where shit gets bad for gender diverse people.
Why can’t someone be able to have the body they want, love themselves and feel good in their body, and not have to wait till their rich and famous?
Well, we’re here to tell you that YOU CAN have that…. And more!
We want to introduce you to Fearless Movement Collective.

A new initiative that will help you:

…feel great in your own skin,
…love yourself as you are,
…be confident in yourself and your abilities,
…feel comfortable in public and enjoy yourself.

All the while conditioning your body and mind to tackle all challenges in life, and to support any transitional surgeries and HRT you may (or may not) decide to have in the future.

Yes, Fearless Movement Collective was created so
trans people like you…

  • Who don’t feel comfortable in their bodies
  • Who has never stepped inside a gym and never wants to 
  • Who aren’t exploding with money

…can be confident in their decisions and in their ability to transition socially and physically, with ease.  

Let me show you how it works:

Step #1: Sign up for the free 7-day trial (the initial challenge)

First, click on the green button on this page and sign up for the 7-day challenge. The reason why we do this is to filter out the people who aren’t really committed. The people who cannot commit to 7 days of “easy” tasks, will not be able to last 3 months or even a year. At least, not with the current mindset they have. We want to make sure you’re READY FOR IT!

These first 7 days we ask you to do a new habit everyday and share it with us on the group (or with us personally if you don’t feel comfortable sharing within a group environment). These habits are simple and easy to understand, but they are NOT that easy to actually do. This is where we test your commitment!

On the first day of the challenge, we ask you to schedule in a discovery session with us so that when you complete the challenge we can meet the wonderful you, straight away, and you can get started on your journey towards finding yourself, loving yourself, and being the best badass version of you!

Step #2: The Discovery Session

This session gives you the chance to meet us over the phone, talk to you about what you want. Whether you need help with making a decision, training to lose weight or training to bulk up and gain muscle, help with your diet, your commitment and motivation to yourself, socially transitioning, upcoming surgeries, relationships with your family…. Anything to do with your body, mind, socially and physically transitioning, we are here to serve you 100%. In this session, after learning about you and what you need, we will show you which program will be best suited for you and your needs. Once you pay (either deposit or payment plan if you need), we set up your individualised coaching program so you can begin straight away!

Step #3: Begin your individualised coaching program

Download the app, have a look around and get familiarised with it. You can access your training on your smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet.

We will send you an email with a link to the FB group you have been personally invited to. This is where all the amazing trans crew hang out and talk about their experiences.

We give you everything you need to be prepared for your coaching. Depending on what coaching program you choose, this can include training gear and equipment

As soon as you start the 7-day Challenge,

your journey towards the body and life you love BEGINS!

Look after your body, train hard, eat healthy foods, be on time to every coaching call, look deep within yourself, make positive changes to your environment, get involved in the online community, start small and work your way up, get connected to your body and inner mind, hit roadblocks and challenges and overcome them with your new empowered mindset… and watch your body transform and change over time!

I just absolutely love the way the app is. Like honestly, it makes the whole experience at gym so much easier and less intimidating.

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Thank you Bowie & Lizzay and for making me fearless in my goals and drive to achieve them!


FMC Client

The 3 Major Benefits of Online Training


You can train at any time that suits you, in any place that suits you. This convenience will save you a lot of time as well as avoid the awkwardness many feel when going to the gym and being surrounded by lots of intimidating, sweaty people who hog all of the equipment!


You get much more access to us than you would as a face to face client. You get our coaching, accountability, training programs and support all week long, not just for one maybe two hours a week that we may be together in a face-to-face environment. This means we can work together on every single aspect of getting you results and seeing you smash your goals.

We will still be able to check your exercise technique (through our app) to ensure you are doing everything correctly. To make hitting your goals really simple for you, you will benefit from reminders, follow up and support for each training session, every meal and everything you should track. Great online coaching is a one stop shop to get amazing results built around your lifestyle, the time you have available and your unique body and mind.


At FMC you get access to TWO coaches. A nutrition and weight-loss coach as well as a kick-arse fitness coach and kettlebell trainer!

You get all of this at a lower price than working with us face to face for just one hour a week! This saves you money while giving you the best possible guidance, service and support.


What can you expect from Fearless Movement Collective fitness coaching?
FMC offers individualised fitness programs based around Russian style kettlebell training, Kettlebells are our specialty.  

We do not believe in “challenges”, this does not mean your training won’t be challenging. We don’t follow trends or fads. You will not find HIIT, Metafit or any sort of boot camp style training.

There are many traditional movements that can be learned with a Kettlebell. The initial movements that you will learn from us are the Goblet Squat, 2 hand Swing and the Turkish Get up[insert links to our vids].

The training you will receive from us is of the highest quality, form based, functional strength and movement coaching. Learned from the very best Kettlebell trainers in Australia.

Fearless Movement Collective believes in training to be fit for life, not just for a season.

Do I need any equipment before I start training?
Initially, you do not need to have any training equipment. We can design you a program for your 14 day free trial that will not involve the need for weights. If however, you go to a gym or have equipment at home, that is FABULOUS and we can custom build your program to incorporate the equipment and facilities you have access to.

We do recommend that to receive the most benefit from your training program, you should gain access to the appropriate kettlebells for your skills (we would love to help you with the right fit, when the time comes for you to acquire your very own set of kettlebells). The beauty of the kettlebell is that they do not take up any space! You can sit them neatly in your wardrobe, under the bed or any other out of the way area when you are not using them.

What is a kettlebell?
A Kettlebell is essentially a cannonball with a handle. They come in a variety of weights ranging from 8kg up to 48kg+.

The kettlebell was traditionally used by Russian farmers as weights applied to their plows for turning soil. These farmers also used these kettlebells to develop a variety of training techniques which kept them fit, strong and capable of working their land. This is how the Russian style of kettlebell training was created. It has slowly made its way into more mainstream training thanks to the great Russian Kettlebell Master Pavel Tsatsouline.

Why should I train with Kettlebells?
This is probably our FAVOURITE question!! We love kettlebells, we train every day with them and have both personally experienced so many of the benefits that come with Russian style kettlebell training.  

The kettlebell is the ultimate way to develop muscle, strength, endurance, power and increase your cardio capacity. There is just no denying that the trusty kettlebell can not be beaten when it comes to total body tension that must be generated to tame this wild beast.

Each technique must be earned. You are not just training, you are learning a skill and that is what makes this training so exciting.

You will notice the functional strength that you develop with kettlebells in EVERY aspect of your life. Whether it is by not getting tired or out of breath when you take the stairs or the fact that you even want to take the stairs!!! Being able to bring in all the groceries in one go, because we can’t talk for everyone but having to go back for a second trip just seems like a waste of time. The reason this happens is because every single movement that you develop is done so on an incremental scale. This means you develop your abilities in a safe and sustainable way.

There is an abundance of evidence surrounding the exceptional rehabilitative qualities that the Kettlebell swing can provide. The 2 hand kettlebell swing is the fundamental movement that you will build every other kettlebell technique on and is focused on developing the “Hip Hinge”[link]. The Swing is renowned for helping to relieve chronic back pain, this is a big problem for so many people especially if you have to sit all day. They also help people recovering from injury by offering low impact movements that connect the whole body [link].

If it is fitness you are passionate about, you will not be disappointed. Depending on your personal goals you will be able to develop lean muscle, and incredible endurance that will allow you to excel outside of training in your chosen sport and hobby, not just keep up when playing with your small humans but also set a great example for them to respect their bodies and probably one of the greatest achievements, you can become totally self reliant and confident in your physical abilities. For anyone seeking to have a slimmer feminine look, this training is ideal for you.

If your goal is to build muscle, our best friend the kettlebell delivers. Not only will you gain mass, you will gain amazing functional strength. This is so important, you don’t just want to look great, you want to be able to use your body.

This type of training is excellent for trans and non binary individuals seeking to develop a more masculine look through their chest, shoulders, arms and back especially pre op or post op. The benefits of increasing your pectoral (chest) muscles pre op can not be overlooked. It is easier for your surgeon to give you a more accurate and aesthetically pleasing look when there is already definition for them to work with. By developing your overall health and fitness pre op you will greatly increase your overall recovery time as well.  

The biggest side effect of Kettlebell training and probably one of the most common goals for people looking to train for is overall fat loss. The mixture of cardio and strength training that you cover with kettlebells leads to a lean, strong and athletic body.

Please be aware, this training will not give you “bulky” muscles UNLESS your program is focused specifically on muscle growth. Of course you will have some muscle growth from strength training but it will be lean muscle.

Wow! That was a big one, thanks for sticking with us on this question. There is just so much that can be done with kettlebell training. If we have not covered it in this answer, please do not hesitate to send us a message and we will be able to fill you in on any unanswered questions you may have about the Majestic kettlebell.


Contact us and let's work something out.