[Episode 32] How To Sustainably Achieve Your Training Goals

by | Sep 11, 2020

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In this episode we will be looking at how to approach getting more active, training or other new habits in your life in a sustainable manner.

This means being open to life not always going smoothly and you not being able to always do the things that you want to do for you.

The goals we choose to work towards in life are rarely achieved in a linear fashion. We can never expect things to just happen smoothly.

It’s so important to be flexible when it comes to starting new habits whether it’s getting more active, eating slower, exploring foods that help you feel better, transitioning or pretty much doing anything new.

Be open to stops and starts, changes of mind, attitude or circumstances around the new habits or practices you’re doing. Because they will inevitably happen.

It’s great to have a goal and an idea of how to achieve it. Remember to stay open minded to change.

Being open minded to things going “wrong” or not as planned makes it easier to manage in these situations and not allow them to stop you, for too long anyway.

The best way to manage these unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances is to make a plan for what to do when they happen.

Have a variety of options that you can turn to when something comes up that may cause you to miss your planned habit or practice.



This way you can still feel good that you’ve taken that step towards doing something beneficial for yourself and also continued to cultivate that habit/practice in your daily routine.

Just remember, you NEVER have to make up for missed training sessions. You don’t need that type of pressure in your life.

Embrace the challenges you may face as opportunities to learn more than what you’d planned. Most importantly, ask for help if you’re feeling stuck in these situations.

You don’t have to do these things alone. Often it can be much easier to stick to plans and new habits when you have someone to share with.

If you’re enjoying the show and know other folks that may find some benefit in having a listen, I’d be so grateful if you shared it with them or anywhere else where you think that it could help someone.

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Bowie Stover

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