It seems that the fitness industry is constantly coming up with all sorts of new trends. From new types of training equipment to “revolutionary” exercise styles, there always seems to be something out there trying to grab your attention.

Online fitness coaching may seem like one of these fads. It has only been in the last few years that it has increased in popularity. It may have left you wondering how it’s possible to be trained effectively by someone when they aren’t around and WHY would you want to pay someone for this training?

These are great questions and ones that I hope to clarify for you today.

To start let’s look at how personal training works in general. Say you feel like you need the assistance of a professional to help you reach your fitness goals by keeping you motivated and working hard during your training sessions, teach you safe movements for training as well as everyday life, write you programs that will lead you to the training outcomes you desire, keep you accountable for your lifestyle choices and how they relate to your desired goals and to be a friend who wants to work hard with you to get you where you want to be.

Normally you would have your trusty coach standing by your side through each training session doing their thing with you. This was how being a personal coach used to be.

Today, things are a little different. With the introduction of smartphones, internet accessible devices and the glorious app, you can sign in to an online training program from your phone, tablet or even your fridge if it takes your fancy. You can access your fitness program and your coach from anywhere that you are.

What online fitness coaching has done is open up the paths for you to seek out the best coaches from anywhere in the world. You are no longer limited by location. This is great news for EVERYONE especially if you are seeking a specialist coach.

Online coaching works very easily and similar to a face to face coach. Your online coach will have a website where you can contact them to find out if they will be the right fit for your needs. The membership process may vary a little from coach to coach but it should involve you filling out a medical screening, a client agreement that keeps you and coach safe from any misunderstandings and payment methods. Once all the boring forms are out of the way, they real fun can begin.

Coach should contact you to discuss your training goals, challenges you currently face, limitations that would have shown in your health screening and also to introduce themselves.

All of this helps your coach get to know you so they can establish a program for you to follow.

There are several ways you will have access to your program some are more user friendly than others. The usual methods are via email with PDF attachments, messenger, skype or private App. Remember, your program will be greatly influenced by your access to training equipment.

My FMC co-founder Lizzay and I spent months researching the best ways to offer awesome online training that was easy to access and follow. This led us to the Fearless Movement Collective App.

Each FMC warrior receives their own personal log in to access their membership either online or in app. It allows each person to go straight to their training calendar and follow their daily program with the help of demo videos, a record and compare option so you can run your video next to coach to see how you are moving. This video is automatically sent in for coach to check and give you feedback.

Once you have finished your super fun training you just hit your check in button and that lets us know that you have done your training for the day.

Your programs are uploaded weekly/fortnightly, so that you will never fall behind in your training. And these are just a couple of the features that our app offers you.

I think one of the most exciting things about online coaching is that it allows you to become accountable for your own training. You are in control of your progress. Yes I will be there with you everyday. I will know when you don’t check in after a session and you bet I will check in with you to make sure everything is going alright.

You will always be important to us and your training should always be important to you. Ultimately, only you can make the decision to commit to train, regardless of how passionate we are about helping you.

This style of training may not be for everyone, we understand that. There is really no comparison to your coach being physically present.

When it comes to receiving highly personalised training that fits in with your lifestyle, allows you to train in the comfort and safety of your own space and doesn’t cost you a packet, online training is quickly becoming the smartest option available.

If you would like to find out more about online fitness coaching we would love to talk with you. You can contact us on our WebsiteFacebook or Instagram.