I have noticed recently as Lizzay and I have started creating our website that it is so hard to talk about fitness or anything fitness related without sounding like a total gimmick. It is as though phrases like “weight loss” “get fit” “build muscle” no longer hold any meaning because they have been spouted sooooooo many times by hundreds of trainers and fitness marketing gurus.


You see, there are no quick fixes in fitness. You can not “hack” your health, your fast weight loss plan is more likely to see you gaining more weight as soon as you stop following it and as for those 30 day challenges… They will never get you anywhere, the point of them is to keep you having to come back and buy in again and again to be able to maintain any progress you make.


Your health and fitness training should be approached from a much more long term perspective. That 30 days of training that you once did or those instant results you think you are getting by the corners that  you are cutting while you “hack” your fitness will not give you life long benefits.


If you have spent the last 3-5-10 or more years inactive and gained weight, you can bet that it is going to take time to lose it too. This is the simple truth and one that some people may not want to here. Your fitness is not going to be fixed quickly. Contrary to the vast majority of fitness garble that is released daily on to your facebook, instagram or snapchat accounts.


Your fitness should not be something you want to cut corners on. 

You only get one body. Sure training is going to be hard work. It is easier to buy that take away dinner instead of making a healthy meal choice, easier to sit on the couch instead of going to training.


There is way too much fake fitness around trying to convince you that you should do the bare minimum. Reeling you in with statements that almost sound too good to be true. These fitness industry preachers don’t care about your long term health, they want to get as many people as they can to buy their fitness package even just once, so that they can take your money and move on without a care for your success.


It seems like it is too hard to just be honest when it comes to fitness. As though things are best when sugar coated and labelled in unrealistic ways. If you are truly interested in making an honest change in your life then there are some humbling truths you will have to accept. The years of abuse on your body will never be erased overnight, but they can be greatly improved over time. Your health and fitness will have to be a lifelong journey and it will be one of the most challenging, rewarding and self awakening experiences you could ever hope to have.


I will leave you with this question to think on. What are you willing to do to make REAL changes in your life? 

If you would like to know more about receiving help with your health and fitness that is upfront, effective and 100% supportive of you and your individual needs, we would love to hear from you here.