Training may be hard but walking is easy

Training may be hard but walking is easy

Not too long ago I spoke about the importance of getting active and how you can use your time at the park while your kids play to fit some training in.

This past weekend, Lizzay and I had the opportunity to spend time with some beautiful rainbow families, at a local park. Over the course of the morning, conversation turned to their desire to get more active.

We spoke about how the park can be the perfect place to fit in a little exercise. These mums all agreed with me. At the same time, they also expressed how they enjoyed being able to sit and have a chat, wishing there was a coffee van near by.



This got me thinking. Even though for me it seems simple to head outside and train, this group of mums showed me that even though they WANTED to get more active, they still didn’t seem to know HOW.

I get it. Making any type of change in your life can be confronting. Changing old habits that you are comfortable with is a very daunting thought. Especially when the change you are making is going to purposely put you in a state of discomfort for a period of time.

You really have to get used to the feeling of pushing yourself beyond what is easy. It takes time and commitment to sticking to feeling uncomfortable.

When I spoke about park training a few blogs ago, I included a basic program that I knew would be safe and easy for anymum (haha see what I did there??) to follow which you can read here. These ladies made me realise that this may have been a little too much for people who are new to exercise.

I spent a few days thinking, “how can I help them feel confident that they can start being more active TODAY??”

What I have come up with is far simpler than what I spoke about in my original blog. It may not be where everyone wants or needs to start, but it will definitely be a start.I realised that they used their park time to socialise and have a little time out from their day to connect with friends. If they went to the park and simply trained while their kids played, they would be losing something from their day that was rewarding for them.

When we are taking stuff away from ourselves for whatever reason it leaves us feeling as though we are missing out. When what we take away is a reward, it becomes even more challenging to maintain a new habit.

Instead of taking away the social aspect of their park adventure, I wanted to add to it. 

My solution to this was instead of asking these parents to miss their catch up, why not keep it and add a walk in as well. Instead of sitting on that park bench while the kids played, hop up and walk a few laps around the park while they chatted. This may not eliminate that desire for a hot cup of coffee close by on those chilly days, but it would certainly help warm them up a little.

There is a reason why we are encouraged to reach 10,000 steps a day. Walking is such an underrated activity yet has HUGE implications on our health. If you had half an hour of walking to your day, while you are at the park you are going to start seeing some great changes to your physical and mental wellbeing and you don’t need to miss out on the latest gossip while you do it.



So why not give it a try. If starting with an all out training session at the park seems a bit too much, work your way up to it. When you can become more active with your friends as well, you will feel far more inclined to actually show up and do it. No one likes letting their training/walking buddies down.

If you would like to learn how you can become more active just ask us.

Online Fitness Coaching Explained.

Online Fitness Coaching Explained.

Online fitness coaching? The concept sounds pretty bizarre to say the least right? How is it possible to actually train online? Train without your coach there pushing you to the very edge of your endurance, getting you to squeeze the extra reps out that if you had been alone you probably would not have done, or the last set either.


WHAT IS online coaching?


In a nutshell, online coaching is when you receive your fitness and nutrition coaching from a fitness or nutrition coach online. Usually through training videos provided on a fitness app or online dashboard managed by your coach.

Once you have found coaches that you feel are the right fit for you, made contact and discussed exactly what your goals are and what your personal needs and limitations are your coaches can set about writing you a program and working with you to reach your goals.

Online fitness and nutrition coaching is like having a coach, without the face time. There are many online coaches out there. Some offer a hybrid service, which is a mixture of face to face and online sessions.

To keep things simple, I am only going to talk to you about the pro’s and con’s of 100% online coaching as this is what we offer at Fearless Movement Co and where our experience and expertise lays.





There are just a couple of limitations that we have come across when it comes to getting online coaching.


Motivating yourself during your session


Your coach won’t be by your side to push you during your session. This means that there is no one there to stop you cutting corners except yourself. You are responsible to giving your all each session.

For some people this isn’t a problem, it is exciting, a chance to challenge themselves. They can easily motivate themselves to work their hardest. For many people though, it can be tough. Training by yourself may seem boring, it might feel hard to be motivated or stay consistent.



The good news is, we know this. We have spent time with our online clients, listening to them, learning from their experiences with what has worked best for them and what has not so that we can understand exactly what you can expect as you progress through your training with us. You can feel confident knowing that we are there with you each step of the way. You are not alone in your training, on the days when you are pumped for your session or on the tough days when you just spent an extra hour battling your kids to get them to bed or when you would rather sit down and have one or several glasses of wine instead. We have your back on all the days that you need it.


Are you doing it right?


You might not know if the exercise you are doing is right, even after watching our training videos. This can be especially tricky if you are new to fitness and struggle to feel exactly what your body is doing or where your parts are supposed to be.

I have had the opportunity to train many people and almost every person I have helped has felt that the movements they are doing don’t feel right or normal when they first start. This is common. It is often because you are moving in ways that you are unfamiliar with. Learning any new skill can be very awkward to start with.

We have spent many hours researching and testing the best ways to assist you just incase you find yourself in this situation. We have chosen the 3 most effective ways to help you know if you are moving right. Our most popular option is filming short clips of yourself performing the exercise that you are having challenges with and sharing it with us on your personalised google drive folder that we set up with you when you join our crew.

Yes, it may feel a bit confronting to film yourself to start with. We understand that not everyone enjoys being on camera as much as I do. If this is the case, our second option allows us to correct your movements from pictures of the exercises you are performing. Last but not least we can provide a skype/facetime/whatsapp session with you and discuss your form face to face.

With all bases covered, you can rest assured that we are always going to be able to help you get the most from your training with the best form.





The positives of online coaching far outweigh the negatives, and I’m not just saying that because online coaching is our thing.


More access to your coaches


Because you are online, you get much more access to your coach then you would if you were receiving face to face sessions.

Think about it. Even if you were getting 3 PT sessions a week, not only would this be super expensive (we will get to that point next) but you would only be seeing your coach for 3 hours a week max.

With online coaching you get access to your coach ANY TIME that you need them. You have the ability to contact them and ask questions about your training session, the program they have given you, any feed back you have received, your nutrition including diet recommendations, meal prep and recipes, a post they made or what you’re wearing… maybe not that last one, but definitely everything else.


The convenience of training in your own space


It can be hard enough trying to organise yourself and your kids for an outing at the best of times, let alone trying to fit in an extra trip to a gym or training studio so that you can get some exercise in to your day. Not to mention how intimidating a gym can be. Add to this the costs involved with a gym subscription, putting your kids in creche and paying extra for a trainer and by this point your stress levels have probably skyrocketed and it all feels way too hard to achieve.

Online training lets you train from the convenience of your own home, park or where ever you feel comfortable. We love working with our crew to find the best ways their training can fit into their lifestyle. We know everyones routine is different. 

Whether it is a short session in the morning and a short session in the evening, a full session after the kids have gone to sleep or even during your lunch break. We know that the more flexibility you have, the easier and more enjoyable it is going to be for you to actually hit your daily goals.

Your session becomes your very own mini break and for 30 minutes of the day, you can simply focus on you. Your health. Your fitness. Your happiness. When you have the opportunity to do something that it is going to improve you and help you reach your personal goals, it is also going to have an incredible impact on the health and happiness of your WHOLE FAMILY.


You save time


Along with the convenience of training wherever you feel most comfortable, online training also saves you time. You don’t need to spend time organising pick ups and drops for the kids, traveling to your gym studio or coach or waste time trying to plan when you can even fit in your session + travel.

The only time you need to take is when you jump in to your comfortable training clothes, find your perfect space and get started with your session. It almost sounds like it couldn’t possibly be that easy. The simplicity that online training allows for makes it the perfect way for busy mums to take care of themselves.


Online coaching is cost effective


If you have ever looked into the cost of having private sessions you will know they can be pretty steep. With a single 45 minute session starting around $65 it is not necessarily the most cost effective option available. On top of tis is the costs involved with traveling to and from your training and let face it, transports costs whether it is public or private are not getting any cheaper.

The beauty of online coaching is that you receive MORE TIME and MORE SUPPORT from your coach each week without having to pay higher rates for it.


What does MORE MEAN?


  • FULLY INDIVIDUALISED fitness sessions
  • Form corrections and guidance
  • PERSONALISED nutritional coaching and advice
  • Continuous encouragement and support
  • Regular blogs/videos and group discussions on topics relevant to you
  • Connection to an entire community of like minded badass mums to help you celebrate your wins and achievements
  • You get 2 COACHES JUST FOR YOU when you train with Fearless Movement Co               
  • You get ALL of this for just a fraction of the cost of face 2 face sessions


You become part of our community of badass mums


You become part of a community. Social media for all of its short falls, gives your coach the ability to create a group where you can connect, share, encourage and offer support to all the other people that also work with your coach.

It is hard to believe that there is actually a group of Badass Lesbian Mums out there all connecting, sharing and becoming friends all while getting fit and being frikkin awesome role models for their kids, but you better believe it. Not just that, we want YOU to be part of it too.


Your coaches are part of your community


Fearless Movement Collective is queer owned and operated. Lizzay, your nutrition coach is an out and proud lesbian woman while Bowie, your fitness coach is Non-Binary. This means you won’t have to explain your lifestyle to us, worry that your coaches may not understand your experiences, pigeon hole your family or even worse make each session uncomfortable because they lack exposure to what it is like to live within the LGBTIQ community.

We are proud of our identities and we are proud to support our community, especially our badass lesbian mums. We strive to build a strong community that supports all of our brave mothers and their families on their fitness and nutrition adventures.



So there you have it. You don’t need to guess at what our online coaching may involve anymore. If you have any other questions or would like to join our 2 week trial, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us on our website or Facebook

The adventures of learning to eat healthy

The adventures of learning to eat healthy

As a kid, I can not remember learning about what to eat. What was good for me and what was unhealthy. The old school healthy food pyramid was floating around out there and I am sure is something that we have all heard about. Since it’s release in Australia in the 1980’s, the healthy food pyramid has had many changes which have coincided with our increased knowledge of healthy nutrition.

Nutrition Australia has a great breakdown of not just the most recent healthy food pyramid released in 2015 but also, all the healthy food pyramids since their initial release in Australia.

You would think that with this information out there, we would all be able to make informed decisions about what we are eating. It is broken down and spelled out for us, right? So why is obesity fast becoming the number 1 cause of disease in Australia?  We are in an obesity epidemic! It just doesn’t make sense. We should be more aware, more informed and better able to make the right decisions when it comes to what we should and shouldn’t eat. Sadly, this just isn’t the case.

So much of this growing problem has to do with education and it needs to start early. Kids are so susceptible to the influence of what they see in the world around them. There is a bombardment of ads on TV glorifying fast foods. Grocery stores that contain aisles and aisles of brightly packaged products made from nothing but sugars and fillers, all aimed at grabbing the attention of your kids.









The drama that may ensue when your child feels that they need these products because TV says they should, their friends have them or without them they won’t fit in with everyone else.  This can become a daily challenge that, coupled with the busy lifestyles most adults live, make it easier to simply give in then fight this constant battle. Worse still, if the parents themselves rely on these foods simply because they have never had the opportunity to learn that there is another way.



According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2 in 3 adults and 1 in 4 Children are overweight in Australia. That is  63% of the adult population and 25% of our kids in the country. I am going to say that again,

63% that is over HALF of our adult population and 25% A QUARTER of all of our children are overweight or obese…..

If this information does not scare you then you are risking your future by becoming susceptible to obesity and all of the flow on affects from it.

I have spoken with many people who say they don’t care how they live, they just want to have a good time. I can appreciate that, it is not my place to make any person choose to do something that is not valuable to them.
These kinds of statements are easy to say when you are in good health. The side effects of an unhealthy lifestyle may be years down the track, they are for future you to worry about. While this may be true, when these health issues arise, and they will, you may be singing a different tune. Cardiovascular (heart) disease is one of the leading causes of death in Australia. If you are aged over 45, the risk increases even further. Think you might want to be around to see your kids grow up? Your lifestyle choices are going to be the biggest factor involved in that choice, and it is a choice.

It may seem hard to change old eating habits. People can have a very emotional connection to their food. It brings comfort and familiarity, memories of good childhood experiences and loved ones. It can also be a persons biggest tormentor. The cause of eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia or binge eating. Our self image, how we look and think of ourselves is connected to how we eat.



Many people spend their lives struggling with weight. Mainstream society tells us to look a certain way to be attractive, gain acceptance from our peers and have the lives we want. This is so disruptive to our health and the health of our families.

There is however a way to start making healthy food choices. These changes do not need to be drastic. You don’t need to stop eating the things you enjoy. Instead, it is about adding healthier choices to what you already eat. Learning a little more about hunger cues, that is when you actually feel hungry vs when you might just be bored, thirsty or simply eating out of habit. Working on portion control, which is the size of your meals and learning to eat slowly and mindfully so that you feel full quicker and therefore eat less.

You don’t need to jump on the diet bandwagon. Those things are definitely not sustainable long term, which is exactly what your nutrition choices are. They are decisions that will have an impact on your whole life as well as the lives of your kids and how they can be healthy for the rest of their lives. That is a big responsibility. It makes sense then, to eat in a way that you and your family will enjoy.

It is not all doom and gloom. Yes, these are some heavy facts. The great thing is, you have a choice. You don’t have to be a statistic. You can start to read about ways to change your eating habits and the eating habits of your kids. In the world of false information, it is hard to know what is fact and what is made up to suck you in to some wacky fitness trend. You are probably not going to find this information in an opinion piece you scroll by on Facebook. The information you want will be written by practicing nutritionists. If you are unsure, Precision Nutrition is a great place to start. They offer an abundance of information, infographics and videos that are easy to understand. Don’t limit yourself to just one source though. If you are someone who just wants to find healthier options without reading into it, you can find thousands upon thousands of clean eating recipes online.

Don’t be afraid to try new things.


What you and your family eat can be turned in to a fun experience. That may be easier said then done with fussy kids, but repetition and leading by example are all helpful in teaching your kids what is good for them and what is going to keep them healthy and strong compared to what is going to lead to obesity, poor health and illness as they get older.

Make cooking new meals a family affair. You have a great chance to really get your kids involved with the whole cooking process. If cooking healthy food becomes a fun experience that they are going always connect to good times, they are more likely to keep these amazing habits they learn from you as they grow up, leading them to have long healthy lives.



So, how are you supposed to do all of this? It comes down to adding minimally processed whole foods to your meals. These are fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes, nuts and meats. You will find the freshest produce at farmers markets (you will also be supporting local Australian growers, go you). If you are not an early riser or can’t manage the time to get to your local farmers market, head to your local grocery store and stick to the outside edge, avoid the aisles as much as possible, this is where all of the highly processed foods are kept.

At the end of the day, it is best to start with small steps. Try one meal a week that is different from what you would usually eat. Have a roast potato instead of chips. Grill your fish instead of frying it. Once you feel confident with this add a second change. Even one little step may seem like a huge leap. Where do you start? What can you change? If you are asking these questions, Lizzay and I are here to help answer any questions you have. You can contact us at our Website or Facebook.

Train while your kids play

Train while your kids play

How often do you take your kids to the park a week? Once? twice? You have THE PERFECT opportunity to get some training in for yourself, while your kids are busy playing.

Training outdoors is a great way to get some fresh air, have plenty of space to move around in, and gives you variety as you can go to many different locations.

If you thought that the playground was just for kids, think again. There is so much at the park that you can incorporate into a training session that will leave you sweating. If you are lucky to live near a park or green strip that also has an assortment of outdoor gym equipment, then you get even more variety. There is nothing that excites me more than going to the park and trying out the playground and surrounding equipment, but I’m just a big kid.

While your kids are having a play, you have a great chance to look around at what is close that you can use to train with. A park bench makes a great spot for incline push ups, dips, step ups or bench jumps. Find a grassy spot for squats, lunges, froggers, get back ups or planks, just to name a few.

Any sort of rise or hill is the perfect spot to practice some hill runs or my favourite… CRAWLS!! If you don’t have hills or slopes, never fear, an open area will also make the perfect spot to run or crawl.

If that feels a little too awkward at first, why not start on the playground with your kids. Nothing will get your heart pumping more than climbing ladders, sliding down slides and poles, running up ramps or swinging around. What’s more, your kids will LOOOOVE the chance to play with you too.

If you have ever taken a moment to watch the way your kids move, you will notice that they can get themselves into some pretty interesting positions. They can jump up and down, get their feet up around their ears, bend, squat, twist and crawl without effort. All of our bodies are designed to move this way. Years of sitting and inactivity have left many adults without the ability to move their bodies with freedom, ease and without pain.

By getting out and getting active in the park while your kids are playing, you will be giving your body the opportunity to learn to move the way you could as a child. Now, I am not saying this movement is going to come back quickly. If you are consistent with practicing to move, you are going to find within a matter of months that you feel looser, stronger, fitter, and more able to move with much less pain.

Getting out and moving about should be fun. It should make you smile and laugh, when you squat down and crawl about, or when you climb on top of something, just to jump off. Being active should not feel like a chore or something else added on to the bottom of your ever growing list of things to do. If you don’t enjoy it, it will always be a fight to fit it in to your day.

This is the reason that spending your time in the park with your kids, is the absolute BEST time to have some mummy “play time”. Having said all that, if you are sitting there trying to think of things to do on your own, it may not be very motivating, at all. If you don’t have a plan on what to do BEFORE you head out, chances are you are not going to have much more of a plan to follow once you are already there. This is why planning your park adventure is super important.

The best training session should be simple. Contrary to what you may have heard from the mainstream fitness industry. You don’t need a bunch of different exercises every time you train. You can alternate between just a couple of sessions that each have only 4 or 5 movements that will drastically improve your fitness, mobility and strength. If you spend every session learning a new exercise, you are never going to get the opportunity to master ANY movement. Repetition equals quality.

A nice basic park circuit might look a little like this.

Squat x 10

Push up/Incline Push up (on park bench) x 5

Step up (on park bench) x 10 Each leg

Plank x 30 seconds

Brisk walk/Jog/Run x 60 seconds

Repeat 5-8 times. Resting only as needed between each exercise and each round.

By starting with fundamental movements like squats, push ups and planks you are going to give yourself the right start by strengthening your natural movement patterns before jumping in to anything too complex. There are no hacks for your fitness.

Re-learning how to move your body should be fun, inspiring and leave you feeling energised and ready to face anything.

Being consistent in getting active and moving will help you to not only keep up with your kids, but also set you up for the future, to keep up with your Grandkids too.

If you would like to know more about playground sessions or Fearless Movement Collective and how we can help you, jump on to our website, Facebook or Insta.

Time Management and Training for Busy Lesbian Mums

Time Management and Training for Busy Lesbian Mums

Imagine this, your day starts at 6am (if the kids sleep through the night), you get up, get yourself dressed, wrangle your small humans out of their pyjamas and into their day clothes, get them, yourself and your wife/girlfriend breakfast, pack lunches, drop your little lovelies off at daycare then head for work, all before 8:30am, sound familiar? Mums are amazing, and the only thing more amazing than one mum is the power of two kick-arse mums.

What does your daily routine look like? Say you are asked to sit down and write out how each day flows for you.Can you list your daily habits? How long you take to do each one, what changes on which day of the week, have you planned how you are going to approach your whole day?


If you aren’t planning your days, chances are, you are going to have an interesting time figuring out how to add something new, like that incredible health and fitness program you signed up for, to your day.  


This is not to say that you have to become obsessed with putting everything into your diary and never having any flexibility in your life, it is about finding the best ways to use your time effectively. So that you can find balance, see exactly how you can add a new habit to your day and then make it happen without having to wait. Because who doesn’t want to get straight into improving themselves.

The longer it takes you to add your new training sessions to your day, the harder it is going to become as the time passes. It can be very easy to put it off til tomorrow, not necessarily because you don’t want to start training, but because having to plan the logistics of how you are going to manage it is not always the funnest thing to do.

If you are unsure of where to start, let’s look at a couple of steps that will help you get yourself a little more organised.

First, you want to figure out when you have free time during your day, whether it is morning, during the day or the evening. If you find that you seem to have a lot of small gaps here and there, if you can, try to condense your activities so that you have a more consistent flow of daily activities with 30-60 minutes of free time where you feel it is most suitable in your day. We know that when it comes to juggling life around your kids, this may be A LOT easier said than done.

If this is the case, why not try for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening, there is nothing wrong with splitting your training into two separate blocks.

Once you have established your available times, take a look at your training program and figure out how you are going to make it fit within your time frame.

I will give you an example with times each activity should take:


Day 1 Training Program

Warm up = 7minutes




Squat x10 = 1 minute

Push Up x10 = 1 minute

Sit Up x10 = 1 minute

Repeat 3 times through = 9 minutes



Double leg raise x10 = 1 minute

Plank 30 seconds = 30 seconds

Wall Sit 30 seconds = 30 seconds

Repeat 3 times through = 6 minutes


This entire training session is going to take you a minimum of 21 minutes, not including rest or if you take a bit longer with certain exercises.

If you only have 30 minutes spare then you are going to nail this session. If, on the other hand you need to split this session between two separate 15 minute times the sessions would look like this.


First half session of the day (morning):

Warm up = 7minutes


Squat x10 = 1 minute

Push Up x10 = 1 minute

Sit Up x10 = 1 minute


Repeat 3 times through = 9 minutes

Total time = 16 minutes


Second half session of the day (evening):

Warm up = 7minutes


Double leg raise x10 = 1 minute

Plank 30 seconds = 30 seconds

Wall Sit 30 seconds = 30 seconds


Repeat 3 times through = 6 minutes

Total time = 15 minutes


By splitting your sessions, you are going to get 30 minutes of exercise into your day, without it feeling like it is a huge undertaking.

Once you start putting those sessions away you are going to be feeling amazing. Not just because being active helps to make you feel great, look younger or live longer but also because you are taking control of your days, you are investing a little each day in yourself, which is also investing into your family.

These are just a couple of small steps that will help you to get started and stick to your training. When you know exactly when you are going to do it, it is much more difficult to put it off. You have no excuses, you have made the time to do it, so do it.

The best part is you can have the kids join in too, they would love nothing more than to “play” training with their heroes, their kick-ars mums. Make fitness a family event and you will find yourself building great habits as well as being the most incredible role model for your kids.