Your coaches, Bowie and Lizzay, or how we like to call us... Bizzay!

Bowie Stover

Fitness & Strength Coach

I am inspired by the strength and courage that Gender Diverse people show on a daily basis. Simply by being who you are and living the lives that are fulfilling to each of you.

It takes determination to face the questions that will be asked, the looks that come from others who may not know or understand your story or ask you to fit into society’s “norms”.

My passion to help others through developing an active and healthy lifestyle, along with my desire to contribute as much as I can back to our queer community, has led me to co-found Fearless Movement Collective.

To be a small part of your day that makes a HUGE impact on your life would be one of the most gratifying and rewarding experiences that I could hope to have.

Lizzay Canters

Nutrition & Weight-Loss Coach

Hi, my name is Lizzay. I am ALL about nutrition and mindset.

From a young age I have always scoured my mum’s recipe books, loved to cook, and LOVED to eat. And I still do.

I had also (since my rebellious teenage years) created an UNHEALTHY connection to food. This has included emotional-eating, over-eating, mindless-eating and starving myself, as well as eating disorders, like binge-eating and bulimia.

Since training my body with kettlebells, learning how the body works and studying nutrition, I have FINALLY won the battle in my mind and have overcome ALL my negative eating, weight and health struggles. I know first-hand how much of a struggle it is, to NOT BE IN CONTROL of these important everyday habits.

And I am SO PASSIONATE about helping the people I care about to finally be free of theirs.

I believe to truly BE YOURSELF, sometimes you have to CHANGE YOUR BODY. And to change your body, you have to CHANGE YOUR MIND. And finally, to change your mind, you have to bloody well WANT TO DO IT.

You can do anything you truly WANT to do.

I am absolutely passionate about helping YOU achieve the body YOU want.

So that you can continue leading the way for the rest of our gender diverse community and our younger LGBTIQ generations xxx


Met the guys and they are so friendly and knowledgable. I've been using them for a couple of weeks and I have to say they're really accommodating with working within your schedule to work out what works best for you. They're easy to approach and the online app is great to use. Thanks guys! Definitely recommend!!

Mel Bedggood

Founder, Between The Lines Clothing



Being grateful for what we have is an amazing habit that allows us to develop a more positive mindset.

Every morning wake up and think of 5 things to be grateful for. It may seem hard at first but the more you do it the easier it will become.


Not just regular breathing, but being aware of each breath.

Focus on how it feels as you inhale. Feel the air as it passes in through your nose and fills your lungs. Slowly let your breath out, feeling it leave your body.

Try this with 10 breaths, you may be amazed at just how relaxing it can be.



That’s right. Saying nice things to yourself actually works. But you have to believe it.

To start, think of 1 thing to say to yourself that you truly want and believe, like “I am badass” or “I am proud of myself and my life” or “I love my body” there really is no wrong affirmation. Give it a try, we dare you.


Walking is totally underrated. The benefits of a single 30 minute walk are amazing to say the least. It is a great way to start losing weight, it is good for your heart and it produces dopamine (the feel good hormone). It really is a winner all round.

Aim for 1 walk a day for at least 30 minutes and you will quickly feel the many benefits.

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